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NatureGift Berna 1000 Orange weight loss slimming drinks

Nature Gift complete product range now on sale in the Uk!

Nature Gift Uk are proud to announce that all Nature Gift drinks are available to purchase online here in the Uk, with shipping available for overseas customers. We will preview a new drink every week for the next 8 weeks, outlining the benefits of each drink. This week, from Nature Gift – Berna 1000 Orange. Berna 1000 Orange is a sugar and fat free, great tasting and refreshing drink. This can be drank either hot or cold and makes an ideal hydrating sports drink, as well as Nature Gift’s intended use as an aid to weight loss, maintaining a fit a healthy body and used as part of a calorie controlled diet. Packed with essential Vitamins and Minerals, Berna 100 Orange is scientifically designed to increase the physiological process of heat production of the body, accelerating your body’s ability to burn more calories and stored fat. Supplied in sachets, it is convenient and easy to use. Just add add 200ml of cold or hot water and drink 1 cup before or after a healthy meal, up to 3 times a day. Once you have reached your ideal body weight, drink just one cup per day to maintain a fit and healthy body!

Nature Gift Original Coffee Plus

Welcome to Nature Gift! Nature Gift Original Coffee Plus is a natural, healthy Coffee drink with Oligofructose, Ginseng Extract and added Vitamins and Minerals. Designed to maintain your ideal body weight and your body’s health, Nature Gift Original Coffee Plus is used as an aid to weight loss and as part of a calorie controlled diet. Drink 1 cup before or after a healthy meal, up to 3 times a day. Once you have reached your ideal body weight, drink just 1 cup per day to keep your body fit and healthy. Drink Nature Gift Original Coffee Plus and start improving your health today! Our coffee formula could be exactly what you need to start the new year right and help stick to your new years resolutions. This is exactly what you need if your looking to shift a couple of pounds. A healthy coffee can go a long way to making things that bit easier for you in 2015.

Healthy coffee intake can prevent skin cancer

Yet another win for the coffee drinker. It seems that this recent study suggests that regular intake of coffee significantly lowers your chances of developing skin cancer. And to the studies credit it’s been conducted by researchers from the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Yale School of Public Health at Yale University in New Haven, CT, is published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. And they’re not exactly going to be sources which carry a large bias in favour of coffee. The study involves almost 500,000 people and their coffee intake was monitored over the course of 10 years. All of the participants showed no signs of cancer at the start of the study. Almost 3000 of the participants developed melanoma over the course of the study. The researchers found that the more healthy coffee that the subjects drank the more they lowered the risks. For example those who drank 4 cups per day were more than 20% less likely to develop skin cancer. The results remained stable even after separating for age, bmi, alcohol intake, smoking and UV exposure. So all in all just another great reason to start drinking more healthy coffee.

Why Healthy Coffee is a Great Way to Help Your New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you’re trying to learn a new language or drop a few pounds a NatureGift Original Coffee Plus twice a day can help you stick to your plans. You’d be surprised at just how good for you coffee can be. Especially NatureGift as it’s special thermogenic blend aids weight loss and gives you the nutrients you need to stay fit and healthy.

Less calories than most drinks

It stands to reason that this depends on how healthy your coffee is. If you add a load of sugar then obviously you won’t get the same benefits, but if you use our sweetened sachets then you shouldn’t have any issues. Certainly better than a can of fizzy drink. Switching from one unhealthy drink to our healthy Coffee is a win for any diet.

Coffee boosts your metabolism

NatureGift Original Coffee Plus has been proven to boost your metabolism and activates the sugars that burn and release stored fat. Drinking healthier coffee like NatureGift’s formula is clearly better than having a full fat vanilla latte, and helps maintain your ideal body weight. It also increases the buzz you get from a work out, thereby encouraging you to work out. It helps release dopamine along with other endorphins which helps you stay on track. It also increases your resting metabolic rate, meaning you burn more fat when you’re not even doing anything at all. Studies have shown that it can increase fat burning by up to 29%..

Coffee makes you smarter

We’ve known for a long time that coffee helps you focus in the short term, but a new study published in Nature Neuroscience has shown that Coffee helps us retain information that we learned the day before we intake the buffered caffeine of Naturegift Original Coffee Plus. The key is to drink 2 -3 cups per day, then once you have reached your ideal body weight, drink just 1 cup per day to maintain a fit and healthy body.

NatureGift Original Coffee Plus reduces the risk of Diabetes and other health issues.

Individuals that drink a high amount of coffee are more than 50% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes later in life. There are several studies which suggest this could be even higher, with one such study showing that the benefits could be as high as 67%. Coffee even helps protect your liver, even if you’re a heavy drinker. Although most studies show that you have to drink between 3-4 cups a day to achieve the best results although caffeine addicts are 80% more likely to avoid cirrhosis. It even seems that coffee drinkers are less likely to get liver cancer.

It’s not as bad as you think

It’s often suggested that coffee is bad for your heart and blood pressure. This is a massive misconception. To go with one of the most reputable sources, Harvard University, you may have heard of it they say you’re good for up to 6 cups a day. And whilst it is true that coffee does increase blood pressure it’s very minimal.